Mambo Coin

Mambo Coin

High ROI, Steady Growth and Instant Transactions,
you take the Lead and Decide How you want to EARN!





Transaction Speed

Lightning Fast Blockchain allows INSTANT TRANSFER of Funds across the World Within Seconds!

Decentralized Network

Mambo Coin’s Network is comprised of over 100 Individual Nodes to help Maintain, Strengthen and Stabilize the blockchain.

Low Fee

Our Low Fees allow Transactions to be sent Instantly, Cost-effective and In Mass with no Delays!


Peer2Peer or “P2P” Networks allow for Multiple connections and a Decentralized Network to Ensure Security across the Blockchain.


Being a Community Coin allows everyone to be Involved and have a Say. Make your Voice heard!


To ensure every Transactions is 100% Secure and Legitimized, We use Masternode Verification Ensuring All Funds Sent Across Our Blockchains are Received 100% Intact and Uninterrupted.

Only the Best

User Friendly Crypto Wallet

Being the Main Attraction is Easy Access to your Funds, Our Wallets are Clearly Labeled and Designed for the Fastest, Smoothest, NO-FUSS Operations Possible.

Mambo Coin Specifications

Algo: X11
Symbol: MMB
Block time: 60 seconds
Last POW block: 405000
Recalculated difficulty: Every block
Anti Instamine 100 blocks
Max coin available: 85 Millions
Transaction confirmation: 10 blocks
Mining maturation time: 20 blocks
P2P Port: 21410
RPC Port: 21411
Testnet P2P Port: 21412
Testnet RPC Port: 21413
Masternodes Creation: 30000 MMB
Masternode reward: 80% From POS
Min Stake: 48h
Premine 4%
Min TX Fee: 0.0001 MMB


Watch your Portfolio Increases as your investment grows at a Steady, Reliable, Fair Rate

Open Source Platform

Developed and Maintained by the Community of Blockchain and CryptoCurency Experts


Keeping Maximum Performance in our Aim, We push for Higher Standards and Quality in Our Blockchain

Masternode Technology

Using Masternode Technology, Investors can earn a Passive-Income by Hosting and Verifing Transactions Automatically

Linux Wallet

Compile from Source

Windows Wallet


Mac OS Wallet

Mac OSX.


Our Road map Shows the Past, Current and Future Goals.
Being Community Backed Allows the Investors to have a Voice In The Direction of Mambo Coin.
This allows EVERYONE to Join in and Make Their Own Investments Worth More!


Official Launch On Feb 10, 2018 @ 12:16:21GMT
Start of the Genesis Block, Starting the Blockchain
Released Public Version

Mining pools Listings

POW Period from Block 1 to 405,000 Begins
Mining Pools Listed and Miners Acceptted

Crypto Bridge Listing

Mambo Coin is Listed On Crypto-Bridge!
Open to Everyone! listing

Listing On Masternodes.Online is Active
Here you can Monitor Your Investments Using Real-Time data

Graviex listing

Trading has now been Activated on Graviex!
Open to Everyone!

Wallet V1.01 Update

Dark Theme, New Visual Interface,
Strengthenthed Security Protocols
Added Wallet Configuration Access

Discords Communities

Being a Community Coin, Mambo Started a Neighborhood for Everyone to Join. Keeping Investors Closer together helps with the
overall Partnesrship

POW Mining Phase END

Proof of Work Mining has Officially Ended At Block 405,000
All Mining Pool Services Closed

Pure POS/MN begin

Proof of Stake and Masternodes (Eco-Friendly Mining)
have Taken Primary Position and Lead the Blockchain
for a Steady, Passive-Income

Paid Block Explorer Listing

Community Paid for the Block Explorer
Listing with Lifetime Service Hosting

Wallet V1.02 Coming Soon

New Features Coming Soon!
ROI Report (Both GUI & Daemon)
Android Masternode Monitoring APP (BETA STAGES)
Protocol Update

Time To EARN?

Ready To Invest In MAMBO?

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Avg Block Creation in Seconds

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